Ergebnisse Weltmeisterschaft 2018

DatumOrt / Ergebnislisten
01.12.18After the disqualification of Team #111 Willemsen/R.Bax (with wins in both heats) at the GP of Bessenbach due to negative result in the gasoline test by the FIM, there is a new total.
01.12.18FINAL GP-STANDING after 12th round (24 of 24 Heats)
02.09.18FINAL GP-STANDING after 12th round (24 of 24 Heats)
02.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - Dayresult
02.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - 2. Heat
02.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - 1. Heat
01.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - Last chance
01.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - Quali race group B
01.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - Quali race group A
01.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - Pre-Quali group B
01.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - Pre-Quali group A
01.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - Free practise group B
01.09.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - Free practise group A
26.08.1812.GP (FINAL) @Vesoul (France) - Entrylist
26.08.18GP-STANDING after 12th round (22 of 24 Heats)
26.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Dayresult
26.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - 2. Heat
26.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - 1. Heat
26.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Warm up
25.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Starting grid
25.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Last chance
25.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Quali race group B
25.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Quali race group A
25.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Pre-Quali group B
25.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Pre-Quali group A
25.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Free practise group B
25.08.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Free practise group A
29.07.1811.GP @Roggenburg (Switzerland) - Entrylist
29.07.18GP-STANDING after 10th round (20 of 24 Heats)
29.07.1810.GP @Stelpe (Latvia) - Dayresult
29.07.1810.GP @Stelpe (Latvia) - 2. Heat
29.07.1810.GP @Stelpe (Latvia) - 1. Heat
29.07.1810.GP @Stelpe (Latvia) - Warm up
28.07.1810.GP @Stelpe (Latvia) - Quali race
28.07.1810.GP @Stelpe (Latvia) - Pre-Quali
28.07.1810.GP @Stelpe (Latvia) - Free practise
22.07.1810.GP @Stelpe (Latvia) - Entrylist
22.07.18GP-STANDING after 9th round (18 of 24 Heats)
22.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Dayresult
22.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - 2. Heat
22.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - 1. Heat
22.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Warm up
21.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Starting grid
21.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Last Chance
21.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Quali race group B
21.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Quali race group A
21.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Pre-Quali group B
21.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Pre-Quali group A
21.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Free practise group B
21.07.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Free practise group A
23.06.189.GP @Strassbessenbach (Germany) - Entrylist
24.06.18GP-STANDING after 8th round (16 of 24 Heats)
24.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Dayresult
24.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - 2. Heat
24.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - 1. Heat
24.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Warm up
24.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Starting grid
23.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Last Chance
23.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Qualirace group B
23.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Qualirace group A
23.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Pre-Quali group B
23.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Pre-Quali group A
23.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Free practise group B
23.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Free practise group A
08.06.188.GP @Lommel (Belgium) - Entrylist
17.06.18GP-STANDING after 7th round (14 of 24 Heats)
17.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - 2. Heat
17.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - 1. Heat
17.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - Warm up
16.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - Last chance
16.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - Qualirace group A
16.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - Qualirace group A
16.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - Pre-Quali group B
16.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - Pre-Quali group A
16.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - Free practise group B
16.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - Free practise group A
08.06.187.GP @Kivioli (Estonia) - Entrylist
10.06.18GP-STANDING after 6th round (12 of 24 Heats)
10.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Dayresult
10.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - 2. Heat
10.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - 1. Heat
10.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Warm up
09.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Last chance
09.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Qualirace group B
09.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Qualirace group A
09.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Pre-Quali group B
09.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Pre-Quali group A
09.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Free practise group B
09.06.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Free practise group A
13.05.186.GP @Cesis (Latvia) - Entrylist
13.05.18GP-STANDING after 5th round (10 of 24 Heats)
13.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - Dayresult
13.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - 2. Heat
13.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - 1. Heat
13.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - warm up
12.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - Last chance
12.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - Qualirace group B
12.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - Qualirace group A
12.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - Pre-Quali group B
12.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - Pre-Quali group A
12.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - Free practise group B
12.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - Free practise group A
11.05.185.GP @Kramolin (Czech Republic) - Entrylist
06.05.18GP-STANDING after 4th round (8 of 24 Heats)
06.05.184.GP @Chernivtsi (Ukrain) - Dayresult
06.05.184.GP @Chernivtsi (Ukrain) - 2. Heat
06.05.184.GP @Chernivtsi (Ukrain) - 1. Heat
06.05.184.GP @Chernivtsi (Ukrain) - Warm up
05.05.184.GP @Chernivtsi (Ukrain) - Qualirace
05.05.184.GP @Chernivtsi (Ukrain) - Pre-Quali
05.05.184.GP @Chernivtsi (Ukrain) - Free practise
07.04.184.GP @Chernivtsi (Ukrain) - Entrylist
15.04.18GP-STANDING after 3rd round (6 of 24 Heats)
15.04.183. GP @Talavera de la Reina (Espana) - Dayresult
15.04.183. GP @Talavera de la Reina (Espana) - 2. Heat
15.04.183. GP @Talavera de la Reina (Espana) - 1. Heat
15.04.183. GP @Talavera de la Reina (Espana) - Warm up
14.04.183. GP @Talavera de la Reina (Espana) - Qualirace
14.04.183. GP @Talavera de la Reina (Espana) - Pre-Quali
14.04.183. GP @Talavera de la Reina (Espana) - Free practise
27.03.183. GP @Talavera de la Reina (Espana) - Entrylist
08.04.18GP-STANDING after 2nd round (4 of 24 Heats)
08.04.182. GP @Castelnau de Lévis (France) - 2. Heat
08.04.182. GP @Castelnau de Lévis (France) - 1. Heat
08.04.182. GP @Castelnau de Lévis (France) - Warm up
07.04.182. GP @Castelnau de Lévis (France) - Last chance
07.04.182. GP @Castelnau de Lévis (France) - Qualirace group B
07.04.182. GP @Castelnau de Lévis (France) - Qualirace group A
07.04.182. GP @Castelnau de Lévis (France) - Pre-Quali group B
07.04.182. GP @Castelnau de Lévis (France) - Pre-Quali group A
27.03.182. GP @Castelnau de Lévis (France) - Entrylist
25.03.18GP-STANDING after 1st round (2 of 24 Heats)
25.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Dayresult
25.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - 2. Heat
25.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - 1. Heat
25.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Warm up
24.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Last chance
24.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Qualirace group B
24.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Qualirace group A
24.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Pre-Quali group B
24.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Pre-Quali group A
24.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Free practise group B
24.03.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Free practise group A
24.02.181.GP @Oss (Netherlands) - Entrylist
Results by Sebastian Aull